Today I met a girl at Auchan in Afi Palace Cotroceni in Bucharest who called me by name. I had no idea who she was. Actually after talking with her she told me that she is Maria the cleaner’s doughter. Her mom works at Bacau University “Vasile Alexandri” as a janitor. She was a colleague of my dad’s when he was working at SUBEX during the communist time. My dad being divorced and Maria the janitor being a widow went together to my cousin’s wedding this summer, June 2014, and that’s when I met her.

Anyway, this girl was looking at me and we incidentally started to talk. I did, in fact I am opening up to all women out there to practice my PUA skills and to be happy doing that. Speaking of it I happen to be better and better at talking with beautiful women out there at the bus, metro or in any other public place. My philosophy is the more I practice the better I get at it.

Ok, going back to the girl whom I incidentally met at Auchan. She asked me if I have time to drink a coffee with here since I was actually quite free I said Yes. However, as we were going to the checkout our products, I only had a coffee package to buy and she had a couple of things. She had some clothing for her 8 month old child and some food as well. She told me that she is a single mom. And she kept asking me repetitively if I have time to stay with her for coffee.

At the cashier she asked me to pay by card and that she gives me cash, and I said I will do it but up to 50 lei since that was what was on my card account. Ok, she said do it and I will give you the money, she repeated that even after I told her that I only had 50 lei that I can use it up for shopping. So the total bill was 161 lei, she said again “pay and I’ll give you 70 lei” I’m like yes I would but honestly I really cannot do that. And she’s like try, oh come on try. And she even made the cashier literally try the card which of coarse did not go through. It’s so funny because I was telling her to understand that I can help her by up to 50 lei being the only source of money I had with me at that time.

We had to go through all kinds of discussions me telling her I can only help her up to 50 lei, and her asking me to try ¬†another card as if I was not being honest with her and that I would not want to help her. Oh, what stubborn she was. Finally she had to give up eventually and asked the cashier to take some of the products off the bill . He couldn’t do it but he suggested she put all the products again on the line as if she was like a new customer, and ..speaking of that, we ended up doing that twice because, for once my card did not go through for 50 lei as I believed it would. My card didn’t go through for the second time for 40 lei as well and thus I said to her that I am sorry but I do not know why my card was not going through at all.

Interesting thing happened.¬†She pulled out 50 lei from he pocket and paid for her stuff, after all this situation almost making me believe that she did have money with her asking me to help her. With all my hearth I would have done it, had the card gone through. It’s interesting even more that after that she gets acusing with me that I didn’t want to help her and she even told me that I lied to her. And she did not want to go have coffee with me anymore. Big deal! What was all that?! Ok, so I then asked her to wait for me just a little bit to see an ATM machine and try to see if it works to get money out from my account, which I did, and interestingly enough it workd for 10 lei, and then another 10, and another 10, and another 10 as well. I was looking at the 40 lei in my hand wondering why has it not worked at the checkout at the grocery store. Now I still don’t know why it didn’t work, but I understand how God worked and watched over me because this girl simply diched me while I was at the ATM and have not seen her since.

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