I went today and signedup for my Regus GOLD Businessworld card that I can use to acces their facilities all over the world in the business lounge with coffee, tea, water all included, internet, electricity to charge my phone and my laptop and other devices. Anyway, in the same building, somewhere downtown Bucharest near Piata Romana, at the ground floor it is the campaign headquarters of a prezidencial candidate for the chair of President of Romania, Monica Macovei.

Monica Macovei, was the minister of Justice of Romania in the past. She won me by her candidating as an independent. In this country where politic parties have been in charge with different names and mixes but the same people and conceps, she is something else. May GOD please and if He is wiling make her president of Romania. I will pray for now on for change of a miraculous win. May the good take over the bad. It’s time for revival (trezire) in my country.  She is part of the revival that is going on in Romania. We are raising up our voices and repent of our sins as a country and turn to God.

So I chose to simply walk in and just say hi to whomever I would meet ther and offer to help as a volunteer not paid. As I was giving my details to the secretary, a very nice woman Elena Amza, Monica Macovei herself walked in the hallway where we were talking and with her suitcase she was getting ready to leave in a hurry, it seemed like, to Timisoara. This woman Elena told me about me and I introduced myself to her and offered to help. I told her that I was in the US for studies and that I was willing to be there for her. She was going through her suitcase when we had this talk. Then she asked me if I know how to design banners and I say I DO! And she asked me to stay and talk with her assistant. I ended up staying and I talked with her campaign manager. He asked me how I can help and I said anything related to online marketing. He asked me a specific questin like what would I do on facebook to bring more followers. I answered that we have to do anything viral like the bucket challenge, or the book challenge. He then acknowledged that I know my craft and invited me to send him my CV.

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