When I was in college at Delaware Tech I met a person whose name I will not mention because he chose to be anonymous. He paid for my college tuition for one full semester for me. Let’s call him Bob.

Bob was in his 60’s or so, and he was a gray hair man who seemed to know everybody in Rehoboth Beach area. One day he invited me to a restaurant to have diner. We went to a place downtown Rehoboth Beach and had a good meal together.

I just put this video in here because I can :))

He was greeted by two ladies from the table next to us. They seem to know Bob well, they were smiling and small talking with him.

They listened to us incidentally to something that we were talking about, and one of those women asked  something specific about our conversation. It was funny to me when I heard Bob jokingly saying to her: “Eat your own vegetables, young lady! ”  I almost burst into laughing because of it.

It seems to me that we many times seem to not really mind our own business and go out there and try to get into other people’s life and try to help or to engage in their business with no reason at all.

It is good to mind our own business and not assume that it is our business to know what the other people are talking at the table.. I like the “Eat your own vegetables, young lady!” call to action. It means more than that to me. It means respect.

Are you using this expression? When and under what circumstances, do you do it in a positive way or a negative one?

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